Our Forex calls: 9 winning months and only 2 losing months

Often we have received emails from our prospects asking on the strategy of our forex trading, cost of our program, and how is the coaching being conducted. One important question that has been asked is if our strategy is consistent in generating profits. This is a very important question because if a strategy can work today and does not work tomorrow, all the profits generated today will be lost tomorrow.

We are glad to inform you that our strategy has been very consistent in generating profits. This year we had 9 winning months and only 2 losing months. This shows that we can make money from forex trading despite the financial market going up and down in a volatile manner.

See below for our track record for this year. You can click on the links below to look at the details of the trades.

251 pips profit generated in the month of November 2011
168 pips loss generated in the month of October 2011
115 pips profit generated in the month of September 2011
221 pips profit generated in the month of August 2011
48 pips profit generated in the month of July 2011
98 pips profit generated in the month of June 2011
240 pips profit generated in the month of May 2011
181 pips profit generated in the month of April 2011
267 pips loss generated in the month of March 2011
72 pips profit generated in the month of February 2011
501 pips profit generated in the month of January 2011

Tactical Trading Academy attributes its exceptional performance to its trading discipline and robust approach to the markets. Our system relies on the precise identification of a small set of core tradable patterns and the application of proprietary statistical techniques and timing.

Course of our forex education program is USD300. If you are interested, please make payment of USD300 to our paypal account at metal.commodity@tradingeducationprogram.org.

Upon signing up for our education program, you will receive the followings:
A) One to one coaching on our trading strategy.
B) Live trade signals for 6 months.
C) Live updates on the trades of the big boys (hedge funds, investment banks, central banks) for 6 months.

You will be taught the following during coaching session:
• Forex trading is a relative game. Trader needs to buy a fundamentally strong currency and sell a fundamentally weak currency to form a trade. You will be taught how to identify the weak and the strong currencies.
• Knowing which currencies to sell and buy is not sufficient, you need to identify a good entry level to buy or sell. You will be taught to enter a trade whereby risk reward ratio is 1 to 2.
• You will be taught where to set your target and stop loss level. The stop loss will protect the trader from excessive losses in the event that the view of the trader goes wrong.

To view the Testimonials of my subscribers, go to:

Having work for couple of years in banks and hedge funds, we have a lot of contacts in the financial trading industry. Whenever we heard of anything juicy and useful, we will inform our subscribers in future. News include order flow of the big boys: hedge funds, investment banks, central banks, sovereign funds etc. These news update will play a very critical support to your trading decision.

Our students come from Australia, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Dolby Laboratories: Buy at 28.37

On 6th October 2011 we had informed our stock students that we had bought Dolby Laboratories at $28.37. This stock is listed in NYSE.

Based on current price of $32.50, this stock is up 15%. We still like this stock.

Using our proprietary strategy we have been able to generate consistent profits in our stock investment. We specialise in stocks listed in Singapore, Hong Kong and United States of America.

Our return objective is to double our subscribers’ money every four years. We eat our own cooking – we had invested our own money in the stocks that we recommend.

This strategy had enabled me to be ranked top 1.5% in a US Stock Pick Competition organised by Zacks.com, see here.

If you want to learn stock investment from us, send email to info@tradingeducationprogram.org


Testimony from a Housewife

“I am a housewife who has attended a few thousands dollars Forex course last year and still not trading profitably for nearly a year. It was heart pain for me to pay so much and yet learned little of everything and lost money. I almost given up hope. In September 2011, I came across Brendan’s website and decided to give it a try since it cost me only US$300. Within 2 months, there were 5 profitable trades from Brendan. His method is simple, precise, powerful and very straight forward. It is long term trading, not intra trading, so it is best suitable for people who is busy at work and has no time to sit in front of the computer. His trades are high probability trades that provide higher winning chances. Although not all his trades are winning trades due to market volatility but at the end of the month, it is PROFITABLE. I am so glad that I learned his strategy and he did not charge me skyrocket price for this Forex course. Thank you.”

251 pips gain was generated for the month of November 2011

251 pips gain was generated for the month of November 2011. 3 trades were executed: 3 trades won and 0 trade lost.

Here are the details of my trades:

1. AUDUSD: 132 Pips Profit

Previously we had bought AUDUSD at 0.9880,
We had closed our AUDUSD at 1.0012, profit is 132 pips.

Original trade:
Buy AUDUSD at 0.9880

2. NZDUSD: 84 Pips Profit

Previously we had bought NZDUSD at 0.7542,
Closed NZDUSD at 0.7626, profit is 84 pips.

Original trade:
Buy NZDUSD at 0.7542
Stop level at 0.7300
Target level at 0.8000

3. EURCHF: 35 Pips Profit

Previously we had shorted EURCHF at 1.2300,
Closed EURCHF at 1.2265, profit is 35 pips.

Trade detail:
Sell EURCHF at 1.2300
Stop level at 1.2600
Target level at 1.1750

All of my trades are executed based on fully tested trading system based on real life experience.

If you are interested to learn about this trading system, send an email to me at metal.commodity@tradingeducationprogram.org to sign up for my Trading Education Program.