251 pips gain was generated for the month of November 2011

251 pips gain was generated for the month of November 2011. 3 trades were executed: 3 trades won and 0 trade lost.

Here are the details of my trades:

1. AUDUSD: 132 Pips Profit

Previously we had bought AUDUSD at 0.9880,
We had closed our AUDUSD at 1.0012, profit is 132 pips.

Original trade:
Buy AUDUSD at 0.9880

2. NZDUSD: 84 Pips Profit

Previously we had bought NZDUSD at 0.7542,
Closed NZDUSD at 0.7626, profit is 84 pips.

Original trade:
Buy NZDUSD at 0.7542
Stop level at 0.7300
Target level at 0.8000

3. EURCHF: 35 Pips Profit

Previously we had shorted EURCHF at 1.2300,
Closed EURCHF at 1.2265, profit is 35 pips.

Trade detail:
Sell EURCHF at 1.2300
Stop level at 1.2600
Target level at 1.1750

All of my trades are executed based on fully tested trading system based on real life experience.

If you are interested to learn about this trading system, send an email to me at metal.commodity@tradingeducationprogram.org to sign up for my Trading Education Program.

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