About Me

My name is BL. I had graduated with a Bachelor of Business. I am the CEO of Tactical Trading Academy.

Probably like most of you readers, I do not come from a well to do family. Since young my parents always educate me to keep expenses low. Most of my clothes were given by other people. I lived in a small house and I do not have a room of my own. I slept in a mattress placed near to the rubbish bin. Since young I wanted to change my living condition.

My first job was working as an assistant fund manager in the asset management arm of a bank. This job gave me a very good exposure in the investment industry. My supervisor who was the Vice President appreciated me. He said that he would make me into a good fund manager in 5 years’ time. Guess what? Our bank was acquired and I was retrenched. The Vice President had moved on to another investment firm. So the promise made by my Vice President was not fulfilled. Its not my fault that caused me to lose my job.

Since I was jobless and I needed a job, I downgraded myself from a assistant fund manager to a back office staff in a boutique funds management firm. I felt like a 2nd class citizen working in this firm. The fund managers and analysts were always the 1st class citizen because they were the ones making the investment decisions for the clients. But this was one problem: I could pick better stocks that the analysts and junior fund managers there. Due to compliance reasons, I needed to seek approval from the Chief Trader before I buy and sell my stocks. The Chief Trader noticed that few of my stocks had doubled in value, he was very impressed. The Chief Trader said he would follow me next time I buy a stock. The firm was losing big clients since their stock picks were not performing well. I left the firm after working for a few years.

I moved on to become a banker. During the interview, I showed the interviewer my trading statement. She was shocked at the number of my winning trades and profits. She asked me if I really want to take up this job. I said yes, mainly because I do not want to work as a back office staff anymore. My responsibility was to advise high net worth clients and institutions on forex trading and commodity trading. I was committed to help my clients to make some money from my trading and investment skills. Once a big clients called me and asked what was my opinion on copper. I told him to buy at lower level, and I told him that its best to wait. Straight after I put down the phone, I got scolding from my supervisor. He said we should not reject any trading opportunities from clients. Because by rejecting any trading opportunities mean that the team was earning less commission. I was greatly disappointed by how they manage their clients. My career objective is never to make money by sacrificing the interest of the clients. I decided to look for a new job after 2 years.

In 2007 I had participated in a US stock pick competition. At the end of the competition I was ranked top 1.5%, see here. I put this information into my resume and hedge funds started to call me up for interviews.

I saw an advertisement looking for a trader in a hedge fund. I applied for the job without much expectation that I would get the job. 1 month later they called me up for an interview. Again I went for the interview without any anticipation that I would get the job. Guess what? Not only did I get the job at the first interview, the interviewer doubled my current salary. I got to work for my dream job, at the same time receiving a high salary. The title of my role was Investment Manager, wow! What more could I ask for? I thought I would be working in this company for the rest of my life. But this did not happen. Subprime crisis came and the shareholders of the hedge fund decided to close down the firm. I was retrenched the second time. Again this was not my fault!

The second retrenchment was a wake up call for me. I realise that there is no job that is secured. I need to find my own income. Henry Ford said the only real security a man can have in the world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability. I decide to trade at home. I manage to generate decent income from my stock investment and forex trading.

You can view my trading statements. Click here to view my forex trading statements. Click here to view my stock trading statements.

I setup Tactical Trading Academy to teach people how to trade forex and stocks at affordable price. I hope that I can help more people to acquire a skill that can help them to earn extra income on top of their full time job. Because no job is secured, employment is the most risky financial plan one can ever involve.

Trading is a skill just like any other craft. You need to practice regularly to perfect your skill. This means that you cannot wait till your job is unsecured then you start to learn trading. You need to perfect your trading skill while you still have a job.

If you are interested to learn from me, personally talking to you over skype,  go to Learn Forex Trading, and also to help you find Undervalued Stocks To Invest In we have a course on that.