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Testimony from a Housewife

“I am a housewife who has attended a few thousands dollars Forex course last year and still not trading profitably for nearly a year. It was heart pain for me to pay so much and yet learned little of everything and lost money. I almost given up hope. In September 2011, I came across Brendan’s website and decided to give it a try since it cost me only US$300. Within 2 months, there were 5 profitable trades from Brendan. His method is simple, precise, powerful and very straight forward. It is long term trading, not intra trading, so it is best suitable for people who is busy at work and has no time to sit in front of the computer. His trades are high probability trades that provide higher winning chances. Although not all his trades are winning trades due to market volatility but at the end of the month, it is PROFITABLE. I am so glad that I learned his strategy and he did not charge me skyrocket price for this Forex course. Thank you.”